Artist: Alice Hoffmann

Alice Hoffmann is the quirky and colourful splash of vivid colour you’ve been waiting for. After an impressive fifteen years working in art direction and illustration for some seriously cool companies, her love of illustration took her on a different path - creating her own wonderfully unique limited edition works.

Colourful, graphic and minimalistic with a zesty edge that packs a punch, Hoffmann’s work is wonderfully weird and wacky. Her use of colour is innovative and dynamic, combinations of daffodil yellows and teal blues contrast against the tangerine reds and bubble gum pinks. Her work captures these vivid colour palettes and creates harmony between them, and that is part of the genius of Hoffman's work. These pieces are the unique talking point that will leave all your friends wanting to know more!

Hoffman’s ability to bend shape and spaces into abstract, graphic compositions is truly sensational. She creates a geometric dreamland through elevated shapes, block colours and exaggerated sizing. Characters big and small are set side by side with fruity scenes and sassy animals with flirty eyes and friendly smiles. The result, with its cartoon elements and rainbow fantasy feel, is a welcoming and optimistic illustrative style. There is an innate sense of being uplifted with Hoffman’s work and an optimism that instantly puts a smile on your face. We could all do with these pieces in our lives – a gentle and friendly reminder that lifts you up and brings a little more brightness into each day.