Artist: Anastacia Sholik

Introducing the wonderfully colourful, Ukraine based creative and boy mom of two: Anastacia Sholik. Her work evokes reflections on childhood colour palettes, themes of kitsch brick a brac and life at play that meet theatrical character creation in scenes of fruity scapes and abstract surroundings. Bold colour informs her illustrations, primary tones that feel nostalgic yet sophisticated in their composition. Tomato red and sky blues are combined with popping pinks and greens that will inevitably lift each and every room they’re placed into. If you’re looking to brighten up your space, you need to look no further.

Anthropomorphism is a common theme throughout Sholik's work – there is a personification of abstract objects that bring her pieces to life. Beady-eyed dogs and giant red fruits, giant-headed miniature figurines that meet their lanky competitors are just some of the characters in Sholik's cast. Immersing yourself in her colourful world is a joy to behold, escapism into a rainbow coloured world that welcomes you with open arms.

Composition is at the forefront of Sholik's skill set, her perfectly balanced pieces compliment each other as though they tell a story when placed side by side. Block coloured backgrounds perfectly encapsulate the figures within and create a harmonious steadiness in otherwise beautifully abstract pieces. These eye-catching works are strong enough to stand alone, and yet would still be the perfect addition to any gallery wall. A bright spark in any room, Sholik's artwork is sure to light up your day.