If you are tired of the same old shopping bags and also want to make sure that you are not having a negative impact on the environment, then it is time to invest in a reusable bag. Measuring at 65.5cm x 40cm x 13cm, there is plenty of room for a light food shop or a full-on shopping spree thanks to this voluminous parachute-style bag. Alternatively, this waterproof bag can double as a gym bag or beach bag. It will fold down to be small enough to stash anywhere, like your pocket, so that you'll never have to walk into a store without a reusable bag. If you end up buying more than you expected, the wide straps will help distribute the weight across your shoulder or arm, making to more comfortable to carry. And getting caught in the rain is one less problem, as you can shake the water off of the Ripstop fabric with a flick of the wrist.