Artist: Tuomas Kärkkäinen

Tuomas Kärkkäinen is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Helsinki, Finland. Having previously designed pieces for the Helsingin Sanomat, Talentum, City of Helsinki, Amnesty International and several magazines, this artist is taking the illustration world by storm.

His body of work is a narrative of social commentary, depicting well-known politicians or world leaders is something Kärkkäinen can cleverly capture through a comedic lens. He also tastefully captures stories regarding human rights, world events and social critique. Using a comic book style, but with a modern twist, he takes on these themes with style and edge. He modernises the classic satirical cartoon using digital illustration and colours that pop.

Bold colours and elegant composition show the true skill that goes into Kärkkäinen’s work. His ability to utilise colour to tell a narrative is unique and deeply compelling – flushed red cheeks on suspicious characters and a furrowed brow set amongst a rosy pink complexion are contrasted by the deep greys and creams that act as a backdrop to envelope the stories within.

These works are developed and witty, perfect for the budding comic in your life or to add some light-hearted satire to your space.