Artist: Steph Hope

Surrealist comic book creations meet vintage-inspired colour palettes perfectly describe the wonderful world of Steph Hope. A community of contorted characters peep from behind psychedelic shapes and draw us into a sense of curiosity. Abstract shapes encapsulate miscellaneous objects within, beckoning us to conjure a context for them from the wildest parts of our imagination. The work of Hope is genuine and original, a real one of a kind.

Distinct in style, shape and colour, these pieces will really add interest to any room. Perfect as a gift for that whimsical friend in your life, or maybe to fill that empty spot on the wall, Hope's work is designed to add depth and intrigue to any space. Her ability to combine colours in unusual ways evokes a strong sense of nostalgia; '80s inspired neon pinks and blues set against deep forest greens and dark moody blacks feel retro-inspired and unique. With an eye for shape and detail, Hope manages to capture expression even in the most curious and unusual of creatures, and in doing so wraps us up in this trippy yet magical world. Get ready to dive into the unknown with a piece by the talented Steph Hope.