Artist: Sol Jeong

Prepare to fall in love with Sol Jeong. With the sweetest meaning behind her logo (Sol means pine tree in Korean, so pinecone was her nickname as a child!), this sweetness totally transcends into her work. Illustrative, hand-drawn outlines encapsulate delightful figures inspired by the people she meets as they interact with their surroundings and go about their daily lives. She is drawn by the movement of surroundings and native landscapes and the liveliness of the characters that inhabit them. Her hope is that people will meet these characters through the lens of her work, and she invites people to immerse themselves into her illustrative world.

There is an angelic sense of innocence and nostalgia to Jeong's work – her hand-drawn style blends with dollops of salmon pink and smiling tango coloured cats that evoke an undeniable sense of joy which is totally infectious. Having one of her pieces hanging on your wall would guarantee a smile every morning as you have a cup of coffee and flick through the black and white pages of the daily paper - her work is the dose of light-hearted merriment we all need.

Primary coloured fruits and veggies, strawberry fruit cakes and lavender skies are just some of the treats to behold in the work of Sol Jeong. There is a beautiful consistency throughout these pieces which creates a narrative that’s hard to resist. Introduce yourself to the wonderful characters from the life of Jeong, and immerse yourself in their world.