Artist: Sabina Fenn

Sabina Fenn is an accomplished artist and illustrator. She has been a keen creative since childhood, where paper mache makes and collaging images together would bring her on magical journeys within her imagination, which would later lead her to have an illustrious career in the creative industries.

Attending Ryerson University’s Fashion Communication program, she inadvertently got to grips with illustration and typography and found that that’s where her passions truly lay. After earning her BA, she soared in the illustration world working for clients such as Lana Del Ray, Saks Fifth Avenue and Cartier!

Fenn's work illustrates a reflection of the world around her. She draws inspiration from the everyday, and we see her exploration of life through a lens of soft peachy pinks and deep forest greens. Her work is sweet and endearing and her knack for composition allows for her storytelling to shine through – scenes of reading under a starry sky or of a cycle through a French vineyard are so inviting you almost feel like you’re there.

The perfect addition to a space that feels calm and serene, or that needs a gentle pop of colour, you can’t go wrong with the work of Sabina Fenn.