Artist: Rose Gordon

Caricature illustration reaches a whole new level of extraordinary in the hands of Rose Gordon. Her passion for the arts and illustration starts back in her childhood; she was raised by two artists and was never short of creative encouragement. Gordon then went on to study at the University of Exeter and subsequently completed a course in Illustration at the Chelsea College of Arts. She is, without a doubt, a lady well emersed in the creative sphere, and that is evident through her unique works.

Her work is a celebration of the foody fantastical. Rock and roll chillies and jars of Marmite ready to hit the slopes, hand in hand with tennis playing bananas and moody jars of peanut butter - there is an alter ego that will resonate with something in us all.

These pieces are unique and pack a punch. The cheerful characters will light up any room and guarantee to put a smile on anyone's face. Feel uplifted with this chirpy, truly original cast of characters and bring the ultimate conversation piece into your home. You won't regret it!