Artist: Rikki Hewitt

Introducing Rikki Hewitt, the Cardiff-based creator with a passion for experimental techniques and working organically.

Hewitt’s work experiments with abstraction and you can certainly see that through his composition and ability to layer colours so beautifully, but there are also charming hints of European Folk Art. Playful figures with flowing hair work against large shapes and innovative backdrops to pay homage to these delightful tales.

His work is inspired by travel sketches, analysing the environment around him, rigorous note-keeping and general observations of the day-to-day. He compiles each element to create a foundation for his work, which is later developed into more intricate pieces that utilise the best of all his methods – digital manipulation, printmaking, collage and various drawing techniques.

He builds his images organically, creating shapes and layers from paper or fabric. Overlapping as he goes, taking away here, adding more there, permitting himself to succumb to the natural ebb and flow of his practice. He improvises and allows himself to be inspired by the constant element of surprise that improvising gifts him. Using a signature colour palette of cornflour blue, tangy orange and deep, mysterious greys, Hewitt has created a totally original and irresistible body of work.