Artist: Matias Larrain

Feast your eyes on the distinctly unique works of Matias Larrain. Based in France, this Argentinian artist has an eye for colour and composition, and his combinations of typography and illustration bring the everyday to life. Fruits, veggies, snakes, and swirls fill these distinctive spaces, bringing an eccentric and uniquely wacky world to fruition.

Be led through the weird and the wonderful in Larrains elevated world of everyday objects that explore themes of metamorphosis and graphic reality. His gentle tweaking of size, composition and colour elevates elements of the ordinary and heightens them in unexpected ways. Their eye-catching simplicity makes those unexpected changes the focal point and true centrepieces, his works are truly one of a kind.

Larrain's pieces exude an air of sophistication, and yet their playful colour palettes keep them youthful and joyous. There is a contemporary feel to his art, and it is clear Larrain has an eye for taking a simple object and turning it into something beautiful. His work creates a collective series filled with fun exaggeration and colour, a playful and unique elevation of the every day and the objects that fill it, that still feel familiar yet belong in a heightened world of their own.

Bright, bold, and colourful gems - you cannot go wrong with a piece by Matias Larrain. A collection of these works side by side will be the talking point of any room and are guaranteed to be the focal point of the space.