Artist: Lydia Ellen

Introducing Lydia Ellen, originally from Norwich in the UK, the illustrator currently resides in Perth, Australia. When clicking on her Instagram page you’re met with an uplifting feed flooded with peachy pinks, soothing greens and cherry reds. Her work immediately sparks joy, and her sweet compositions feel wholesome and cosy. @lydiaellendesign on Instagram if you’d like to check her out!

Sketchy backdrops are balanced by perfectly placed compositions in Ellen's work – her playful imagery of floral arrangements and fruity displays are executed beautifully against warm tones and tonal backdrops. These scenes feel serene and familiar - Juicy red apples and bundles of mushrooms, bobbing rubber rings floating around pools and breakfast pancakes ready for munching. All evoking an intimate friendliness in her works, like you were there too experiencing these things for yourself.

Further to this, her work extends to portraits of friendly faces and characters with tangerine tinted cheeks and warm expressions. These people are brought to life in her signature colour palettes and feel retro in their style using combinations of red, yellow and orange against hazy blue skies to complete their look. Ellen’s unique style comes into its own in these works, merging the best of her talents to bring inspiring characters to life.

The perfect gift for the friend who needs a pick me up or the family member you haven’t seen for a while, or even for yourself to finish off the cozy living room of your dreams - these pieces are sure to add charm wherever they find a home.