Artist: Kate Meds

Kate Meds is an illustrator with an eye for quirky portraiture and warm tonal palettes. Entrusted with bringing to life portraits of couples in love and the everyday intimacy of scenes as simple, yet beautiful, as walking in the rain, she captures moments in time with a tenderness that’s hard to come by. Her work acts as memorabilia for the characters she has met, with each piece being the cover of a different chapter in her life. A new friend, college studies, a moment of despair... there is a scene that can resonate with something inside each and every one of us.

Meds ties her works together with her signature use of colour. Consistent use of mustard yellows and warm browns against lavender purples and sky blues create uniformity throughout her work, making them the perfect pieces to put side by side on the wall. The punch of these colours is combined with sandy beiges and rosy pinks, creating a harmonious balance in her work that feels calming and serene. This complements the friendly faces that her pieces house, and creates a feeling of warmth and familiarity - these are people you might have even met before yourself.

An experimental take on proportion and composition adds a touch of personal flair to Meds' work. These characters are unique and yet carry a fluidity that tells a story, making each one a conversation starter. For the perfect piece to finish off your space, browse the unique and wonderful work of Kate Meds today.