Artist: Junoregen

An illustrator from Bielefeld, Germany, Junoregen is an old soul with an inherent eye for vintage-inspired visuals and a natural flair for colour composition. Taking inspiration from icons such as Nancy Sinatra, Jimi Hendrix and Brigitte Bardot, she instils an innate fondness and familiarity to her work, bringing characters to life with friendly faces and warm tones.

Rosy red, apple-coloured cheeks fill the faces of her illustrated crowd, creating wholesome images from garden scenes and home interiors to ballroom dancing and walking in the rain. However, while these scenes Junoregen creates in her works may vary, there is a strong consistency throughout her visuals that wraps you up into the comforting world within. Making her pieces the perfect choice to start a little collection or gallery wall – her pieces complement each other, and that’s part of their magic!

Inspired primarily by a love of vintage and retro, her colours remain warm and consistent throughout her work. Combined with grainy finishes and postcard inspired compositions, Junoregen invites the viewer to reconnect with their memories. These pieces evoke a tender sentimentality that makes them feel sweet and familiar. As such, we can think of no better gift for a family member or loving friend as a token of kindness – these pieces are guaranteed to put a smile across their face.

Catch Leister @junoregen on Instagram and explore her vintage escape. Allow these pieces to spark your favourite and most cherished memories, by inviting a little bit of retro love into your life.