Artist: Jiatong Liu

Chinese artist Jiatong Liu is a graduate of Kingston University and is currently working and creating his beautiful art in London. Skilled in both digital illustration and painting, Liu has developed quite a distinctive style that reflects the visuals of his wildest dreams. His ability to manifest the worlds from his imagination into these unique pieces makes him a true visionary.

Characters entangled in psychedelic webs of colour are entrancing and magical. In his pieces, you really feel swept away into an alternate world. This is complemented by his exceptional eye for colour - luminous pinks against warm reds, deep ocean blues sat softly against the terracotta tangerines of the dunes beyond. This natural flair for colour and tone creates an identity to his work and familiarity from piece to piece, creating harmony in otherwise otherworldly dream-scapes.

As you scroll through his Instagram feed, it is clear that Liu has a wonderful appreciation for composition and depth. The grainy tones encapsulate his characters going about their daily lives, but his ability to bend proportions and bring such depth into his pieces really invites us to jump into these heightened worlds and explore them ourselves. These warm and wonderful works could be the centrepiece of any room, either as solo pieces or a set. Pieces that are sure to spark conversation, the work of Jiatong Liu is uniquely wacky and wonderful, and not to be missed.