Artist: Desirée Feldmann

Let’s welcome aboard Desirée Feldmann! A talented visual artist originally from Brazil, based in Brasília. Originally a fashion design graduate, Feldmann went on to work in visual communications and eventually made her way into surface design. It was here that she found her real passion, and embarked on what was to be an illustrious career in the visual arts sector working with a range of media and methods.

These pieces are created using collage art and a variety of mixed-media techniques. Feldmann's work takes inspiration from botany, vivid florals and female empowerment. You may recognise some famous faces throughout her work, but the true magic behind these pieces is that she develops entire floral scapes around them and creates an abstract reimagination of characters we know and love. Her eye for floral composition is unmatched, and her ability to make totally unexpected imagery feel so perfectly composed is truly remarkable.

Block backgrounds are contrasted by romantic pinks, fire engine reds and sunshine yellows, creating an endearing juxtaposition in her work. The cohesive palette of colours used throughout her body of work makes them perfect to collect as a set, and yet can still be striking stand-alone centrepieces. Enjoy exploring the colour and magic of these pieces by the wonderful Desirée Feldmann.