Artist: Bea Muller

Welcome to the gang, Bea Müller! London-based illustrator and proud mother. With work previously included in The Washington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, Cartoon Network and Pet’s at Home, we couldn’t be more excited to have her work added to the fold.

Müller’s work is inspired by tales of motherhood, embracing diversity, a passion for female empowerment and advocation for climate justice. These are all topics near and dear to her heart and as such have become recurring themes in her illustrations. Women embracing and showing support during pregnancy, friends bathing in vibrant floral scapes and a mother and daughter holding each other in a moment of pure joy – these are some of the evocative and heartwarming images to behold in Müller’s work.

Bright, vivid pinks are held within seas of deep greens in Müller’s work, complemented by pops of reds and lilacs that create a calming, cohesive feel between her works. There is a comforting familiarity in these scenes that each and every one of us can enjoy. Find yourself, your friends, and your family in the divine work of Bea Müller.