Artist: Arty Guava

Artist Arty Guava — works and lives in Vancouver, Canada but her work pulls on narratives heavily drawn from her childhood in Malaysia as inspiration for her eclectic works. Influences of Asian culture are immediately recognisable in her pieces and tell stories of dance, nature and movement. It captures a secondhand nostalgia of sorts as we get a peek into a world that exists in memories of her early life.

Guava’s work is rooted in harmony, this is evident through her calming colour palettes, floral elements, and poetic human forms. Her work is reminiscent of free movement through wild, open spaces that are filled with joy and passion with a humble balance against the landscapes that surround them. Matched with drops of the fantastical in cherry red sun-soaked skies and dancers almost being lifted off their feet and into the air, a sense of dreamland is evoked throughout each and every piece.

These whimsical pieces combine neutral backgrounds with bright and bold central illustrations, making them the perfect pop of colour to complete any room. These pieces tell stories, they compliment each other and combined with a beautiful consistency in colour throughout, makes them perfect to have as a set.

Honour life with the work of Arty Guava, let your heart be lifted and your mind whipped into a celebration of life, dance and Asian culture with her playful and nostalgic pieces. Check her out @artyguava on Instagram!