Artist: Anne Albert

Fun, feminine and fresh – three words to describe the work of Anne Albert. A freelance illustrator from Potsdam, Germany, Albert has developed a distinctly unique style that is abstract and expressive. With an eye for colour, shape and composition, Albert creates works that are special and express her ever-evolving visual language and style. The signature colours found throughout her work are inviting and friendly; cherry reds, bubble gum pinks and warm cornflour blues encapsulate these abstract works and bring them to life.

The eccentric cast of characters found within these works showcases Albert's total love for abstraction. Her works include interesting shapes, beady-eyed birds, flourishing plants, wacky optical illusions and a celebration of the female form in all its manifestations. Her work is a true celebration of femininity, playfulness and joy and there is a great power in these works that translates that.

These pieces are exciting and unique and will bring any room to life with their playful nature and bright tonal colours. Feel uplifted with these friendly and warm characters from the world of Anne Albert and bring a splash of joy into your home. You won’t regret it!