About the Artist - Alex Kononenko

Kononenko is a Saint Petersburg based graphic designer and illustrator, whose bright and beautiful illustrations explore a vibrant take on playfulness, love, and femininity. Her unique style combines cartoon characteristics with youthful colour palettes and bold compositions. Doe-eyed flowers and fruits celebrate their friendships and are brought to life in these unique works.

Retro-inspired fonts add an air of nostalgia to Kononenko’s work, and the warm orange hues against deep purples are reminiscent of wavy sixties design. The placement of energetic slogans within her art depicts messages of optimism and hope - encouraging mantras to cheer on the masses when they need it the most.

Her work is warm and optimistic, the perfect addition to a cosy colourful bedroom or to liven up a study. Guaranteed to uplift and inspire. Her pieces are an ode to joy: a symbol of companionship, friendship, and life.
Check her work on Instagram @aleks.flaks
*Artworks are edited by Studio CYL.