Artist: Yumi Kimura

We’d like to introduce you to a body of work that is utterly unique. Get ready for something magical - it’s the work of Yumi Kimura.

Kimura is accomplished across the art world with his works being displayed across Adobe projects and television campaigns. Residing in his native Japan, his playful works lean on collage style but with a sophisticated edge. While some of his pieces are more fluid, with colours bleeding beautifully into one another, other pieces are more graphic in style. These works are an original take on traditional watercolours, filled with texture and abstract composition. While the contrast in styles is unexpected it all works beautifully, complimenting one another and remaining a signature to the artists' style.

Abstracted animals with friendly expressions and rich, vibrant colours are combined to create these stunning works. The rich jewel tones add an air of sophistication to the playful imagery and create conversation, they are innovative, original and totally unique. If you are looking for a true conversation starter to add to your home, your office, or even to give as a gift, these pieces are a true winner.