Artist: Joanna Rosado

Joanna Rosado (otherwise known as Gigi) is a Polish artist based in Scotland. A graduate of the Faculty of Design at Glasgow School of Art, Rosado’s work is not only full of colour but full of life. Her work reflects the female experience, a bright display showing the world of women in their technicolour glory and the beauty within the everyday experience.

Experimenting with colour is something Rosado holds dear – her process begins by sketching and playing with texture and composition, but it is the colour that really brings these pieces to life. She uses an Autumnal palette that beautifully transcends every theme and story told within her work, it all works, and it all makes sense. Deep blues and forest greens set against delicate pinks and sunset orange emphasise free-spirited figures dancing through a forest or a curious expression gazing through us and into beyond.
A deep, personal connection is what draws Rosado to each piece she creates, she is not enticed by a need to create purely for the satisfaction or validation of others but rather to create things that truly reflect who she is as an artist. There is honesty in these works, making them a wholesome addition to any home.