One Pot Tofu Ramen


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Serve the family something different for dinner: a rich miso and mushroom broth with savoury tofu and buckwheat noodle.
This recipe is all done in one pot, very easy and simple recipe to try in a busy day.
More importantly, all the ingredients are very nutritious, low-carb, high-protein, high-fibre, fermented, vitamins and suitable for vegetarians. High-protein and fermented foods are very popular and important for nutritious meals. Also, taste is amazing!
Try this exotic, yummy, warm and healthy feast to share with your people or yourself daily.



Serves 2
Firm Tofu 200g
Buckwheat (Soba) Noodles 100g
Dried Shiitake/Porcini Mushroom 10g
Variety Mushrooms (Chestnut, Enoki) 100g
Sliced Garlic 4Cloves/30g
Sliced Onion 100g
Trimmed Pak Choi 1 Stem/100g
Dark (Light) Soy Sauce 1tbsp
Soy Bean Paste (Miso) 2tbsp
Vegetable Stock 1
Chopped Spring Onion
Roasted Peanut

1. Put the dried mushrooms in a large pan and cover with the water. Add the soy sauce, stock cube and miso paste and stir until the stock cube has dissolved. Set aside for 10 minutes to rehydrate and infuse.
2. Turn on the stove or induction to high heat and add sliced garlic, firm tofu, mushrooms, pak choi and sliced onion. Then simmer for 7 minutes.
3. Stir the noodles into the mushroom broth and reduce the heat to medium heat, then simmer for 10 more minutes. Keep stirring the noodles to avoid stuck noodles.
4. Bring to the bowl and top with chopped spring onion and roasted peanuts.
5. Enjoy healthy feast!

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