Lights to Cosy Up Your Sleep Space

As the days get busier for the starting New Years season, and temperature still cold outside, the bedroom becomes even more of a sanctuary from the world. And it is the right time to make plans for change for the cosy, happy and healthy living at least inside of your home. Rather than undertake on a complete reform, a few easy changes of light, the most important in the home, may be all that's needed to change your bedroom into a cosy retreat where you'll want to linger for longer. 

Let the moon inside
Sphere lights with a cosy, warm and soft light are trending due to the soothing glow and unique sphere figure, reminiscent of the moon. Especially with gold and copper metal coloured frames, the atmosphere of the room is snugger for modern style home.


Wall-mounted light 
Wall-mounted lights are well-adapted, functional additions to any room. While table lamps need a surface to sit on and floor lamps trail flex, a neatly installed wall light, with wiring chased into the plaster, is part of the furniture of the room. 
When it comes to picking wall lights for your bedroom, there’s a confusing array of designs to choose. So think about function as well as design, and seek out lighting that looks beautiful.



- Fit above a bed
In a small bedroom, where space is tight and there may not be room for a bedside table and standing lamp, wall lights are an excellent solution. Set them above the headboard or slight next to, if space allows so that the glow can drop onto a book when you are sitting and reading in bed.


Fit something flexible
Lights that can be pulled out, twisted or folded flat against the wall, by way of a hinged arm, bring a high degree of flexibility and allow you to direct the beam.


Treat the light as humour
Wall lighting does not have to be only functional, it can function as an illuminated design that makes you smile, filling a room with both decoration and a gentle humour. Design, which arouses a smile is the ultimate happy design for your cosy and healthy home.