Colour Theme 1: Colour Your Home with Macaron!

Colour is life. And changing colour means a lot of course. Some of the people love the minimal colours such as black, grey or white, and some of them love primary colours. Favourable colours are vary for each individual.

This time, Juicy want to recommend macaron coloured lights, which is trendy, refreshing or even relaxing colours for your happy and cosy home.

Just thinking macaron is mouthwatering happiness. Also...the colour... it is subtle beauty and fantasy as it is. Why don't you try these pretty colours in your home? Those will make your home feel good, bright and cosy and you will be happier with just staying at home.


<LED Wide Corn Macaron Pendant Ligts>, <Cotton Candy Colour Corn Lights>

According to the colour researchers, brighter and warmer colours are better for enhancing moods, especially the yellow was the best colour to change feelings brighter and happier.


<Bowl Macaron Hanging Light>, <French Macaron Colour Luster Lighting>

Especially if you have children, those kinds of soft and warm colours will be perfect for cosy and lovely place for them and of course, they will love them!


<Macaron Hanging Ball LED Pendant Lamp>, <Lovely Bubbles on the Table Lamps>

And if your home is monochrome toned or decorated with minimal colours, these delicate colours application will be a great highlight to give some natural and harmonious points.


<Nordic Minimal Chandelier Lights>, <Colourful Macaron Round Hanging Lamp>

Colour can make a huge difference to your home, to feelings and even to health. And especially, colours and lights in your home are the essentials for your happiness. Try some bright colours into your home and even try to mix and match each different style of colours boldly and find your own colours scheme, well harmonised to your home.