5 The Most Beautiful Ways to Keep the Nature Next to You

Plants are always delightful decoration for the home. 

Obviously, people do love to buy some fresh flowers, trees and cactus, which is really popular in these days, on Sunday or every day in the market and hold in their arms and walking and smiling to their home.

Also in this store, beautiful vases are so popular. And there are 5 best-selling vases that people love to contain their beautiful plants.

1. Handmade Porcelain Vase Variety

These quality ceramic vases with soft and cosy colour and origami and natural handmade texture are no.1 best-selling vase at Juicy. You will love this lovely colours and natural shapes with your beautiful plants. It is perfect for modern home decoration just on the table.

2. Fake Wire Flower Vase

This is fun and creative vase! With the happy price and lovely wire, this fake vase brings a sense of humour to your home. It will seem like some cute drawings on the wall back.

3. Pastel Blue Minimal Pots

These pots are very chic and stylish with decent blue colours with golden linear supports, which are very well designed pots with the consideration of plants living condition as well. These vases might change the game!

4. Matt Diamond Porcelain Vase

These modern, delicate and subtle vases are must-have items for the modern house. The design is stable, functional and beautiful, perfect to put on your table to highlight the space. 

5. Hexagon Metal Flower Vases

Quality metal flower pot, hexagonal shape with standing steel pods. This another stylish and trendy pot is one of the top 5 loved pot with well-designed figures, decent colours. It has 4 colours, green, white, gold and black. If you want to give a point, we recommend choosing green or gold, or a mixture of point colour with plain black or white. If you want luxurious style, black and gold are highly recommended. Standing pods are safe and also the design will be more stylish than the pots on the table. If you have any question, please contact us anytime.